GAZA : l’appel de la municipalité de Jabalia « Help Gaza…Gaza is being burned while the world is watching »

 fichier pdf Help GazaGaza is being burned while the world is watching

To all people in the world, to every human, we call you from the injured Gaza that is being striked and destroyed every moment, the ware here is something that we have never seen, where most victims are civilians and children. The situation here is very dangerous. Israel is lauching a new war against Gaza Strip throug the so called

 » Cloud Column » millitary operation, where the victim of this war is the unarmed Palestinian people. At this moment the Israeli air forces is lauching intensive air attacks on different areas of Gaza without exception to any thing…homes are being destroyed while people are inside…people are being killed at streets. According to the Israeli media, the Israeli army is collecting his soliders on borders with Gaza to get ready for a new operation similar to the so called Cast Iron operation launched against Gaza in 2008/2009.

Due to these millitary attacks on the area, the bad conditions in the city, and due to the city being close to border with Israel from north, east and west, the municipality of Jabalia Al-Nazlh is putting all of its crews into emergency. The municipality crews are working together with Civil Defends in the city for rescue operations, helping the homeless people, and carrying away the detroyed houses parts. Due to the poor humanitarian and economic conditions in Gaza, especially, the winters season, clodness and rainy weather many humanitarian associations have sent many emergeny calls to provide families who lost their houses as a result of intensive Israeli strikes with basic necessary needs.

For every martyr, for massacres and crimes being partised against people who are living in Gaza under siege, for every child became orphan due to the attack against Gaza, we ask you kindly to launch urgent relief campaigns in your esteemed city for collecting donations for our city and municipality, so that to enhance the relations between us and to help in overcoming this crisis and to help the municipality to accomplish its duties toward people. Let’s make our motto as follows: ( Hand by hand for Palestine).

Best Regards,

Issam Jouda,

The mayor



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